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African Dusk Blanket


African Dusk Blanket as part of its Biederlack Collection.

With over 120 years of passion for creating unmistakable products with that renowned Made in Germany quality, this traditional family-owned company continues to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of decorative Jacquard-woven blankets and throws. Founded in 1887 in Germany, Biederlackborbo offers a collection of avant-garde designs that combine brilliant modern colors and European style with the tradition of excellent craftsmanship.

Combining traditional designs and innovation, this gorgeous blanket makes a dramatic statement in any home with its breathtaking colors. A mix of luxuriously soft, breathable cotton and easy-to-care-for Dralon (acrylic) for optimum comfort and unparalleled quality. Using fine yarns, this blanket is pleasantly light, yet hard wearing.

African Dusk mimics the scenery of Africa itself, with its deep red and purple reminiscent of breathtaking sunsets and its free-roaming elephants silhouetted against an acacia tree; both evoke the splendor of this land.

Weight 3.3 lbs

60% cotton / 40% Dralon acrylic


Measures 60″ x 80″

Care instructions

Machine washable in cold water, but do not tumble dry

Other information

Standard packaging – vinyl zippered bag.

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