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Bill Helin Printed Velura™ Throw

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Size 50x70

For a gift with a West Coast feel, our unique Bill Helin Printed Velura™ Throw is now available on our super-soft Velura™ throw blanket.

Blankets have always been an integral part of North American life from their early use as clothing and shelter to their trading value as a form of barter exchange. In honor of these traditions, Kanata has recreated these Tsimshian Life crest designs by Bill Helin on our ultra-soft Velura™ throw.

In Tsimshian culture, each symbol on the Bill Helin Printed Velura™ Throw has powerful meanings:

The Raven was the first symbol and crest of the Indigenous Peoples of the Northwest Coast. As the Creator’s assistant, he created all things that exist — with mysterious trickery. This mystical bird is a symbol of prestige, a cultural hero.

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