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Lovebirds Velura Throw

Blankets - Kanata


Size 50x70


The Lovebirds Velura™ Throw is our soft and cuddly Velura™ blanket with the brilliant and unique “Lovebirds” design by Israel Shotridge.

The Lovebirds design represents a combination of the two main moieties among the Indigenous peoples of the Northwest Coast. The Eagle and the Raven, together as one, are Lovebirds.

This beautiful throw is perfect for bringing a touch of Native American design into your home. Add to the bedroom or study to create a relaxed and urban stylish atmosphere.

“We received our Kanata blanket as a gift, and it quickly became my son’s favorite blanket. It’s very soft; its vibrant colors and pattern are like no other! We love our Kanata blanket!” — a satisfied customer who purchased Israel Shotridge’s Lovebirds blanket.

About the Artist
Israel Shotridge is one of Alaska’s finest Tlingit carvers. He is from Ketchikan, Alaska, in the heart of the Tongass National Forest, which was named after his tribal ancestors, the Tongass Tribe (Taantakwaan), the Sea Lion people. Israel is a member of the Bear Clan, the “Teikweidee.” Israel’s Tlingit name, Kinstaadaal, means “The Bear That’s Standing Up.”

Israel has accomplished many significant works of art. Most noted are the many replicated monumental tribal totem poles located throughout Southeast Alaska.

As an Alaskan Native artist, Israel brings to his work the pride and sensitivity of his Indigenous heritage. Preserving the art of traditional Tlingit carving has been a natural for Israel. The sophisticated beauty of the Tlingit designs are highly regarded in the art world, and his fine work is faithful to those traditional natural images.

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