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Plushera™ ThrowGray


The Plushera™ Throw blanket is hands-down the softest blanket we carry. It’s basically like holding a cloud in your hands, except not so damp. See that photo of the model sleeping? We didn’t tell her to do that. It’s that good.

It also doesn’t break the bank, so you can stock up! Tell people they’re part of your décor, but secretly build yourself the biggest, softest, cuddliest blanket fort, ever! I’m actually falling asleep as I write this.comes in 60″ x 70″ because a blanket fort warrants an oversize blanket. Go wild!

Weight3 lbs

Oversize 60″ x 70″


100% polyester

Care instructions

Machine wash separately with cold water on gentle cycle. Tumble dry low heat. No bleach and no iron.

Other information

Packaged in a vinyl zippered bag. Imported.


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